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EuroBreath Project

Due to the characteristics of renewable energy sources, they have some disadvantages.


We are totally dependent on the weather to harness the energy. Thus, advanced technologies and strategies are required to balance the mismatch between renewable energy supply and demand.


Hybrid renewable system could be the best solution to our problem, as it guarantees a continuous production of power.

L'énergie durable



Energy producers tend to have a non-continuous energy production, due to one use of technology.


While energy managers, they lack software that facilitates their work of analysing and updating data.


Companies, especially tertiary sector buildings, are required to reduce their energy consumption to avoid the sanction following creation of new policies such as tertiary decree  ISO 50001 and NF16247.

EuroBreath has identified three actors that have influence in the transition energy : 

EuroBreath.IT wants to address these barriers for each actor and the intermittency of renewable energy sources.


Objective of project is to match real time data with forecasts data to balance between supply and demand of electricity in grid. In addition to that, a continuous production of power is guaranteed by using hybrid system.


Phase 2 :
Setting up the software 
Phase 4 : Introducing to blockchain
Phase 1 :
Real time data analysis  POC Realization
Phase 6 : Implementation  market application
Phase 3 : 
Application Development
Phase 5 :
Electrical charging points integration
EuroBreath's solutions

EuroBreath's solutions

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