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Engineering & Innovation


Companies are faced with tough competition and must innovate in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

In response to climate change and overproduction, economies must reinvent themselves through their economic model, their organizations, and invent new products/services that mobilize low fixed and variable production costs and that preserve the environment while meeting consumer demand. 


EuroBreath helps to create the condition for invention : 

  •  Selects the best ideas by focusing on the consumer

  •  Protects your intellectual property

  •  Builds strategy with innovation marketing

  •  Helps to get through the "Valley of Death".


1.  Detection 
3.  Product, Service, Technology 
5.  Introduction on the market 
7.  Detection Partenership 
2.  Intellectual Property 
4.  Transfer: license/business creation 
6.  User benefits 
Economic growth 


Innovation is a key source of growth for companies and brands.

We are living the third industrial revolution characterized by omnipresence of Internet, development of connected objects, replacement of goods by downloads or by services of shared economy.

Companies are concerned about the "uberization" of their business and need to constantly improve customer experience. Market expectations are evolving more and more rapidly, while new technologies are constantly emerging. In this context, companies are forced to innovate more, better, faster, at lower cost, at risk of being trapped in outdated products and business models.


Innovation marketing strategy 


At the heart of creation and launch, marketing plays a central role in innovation. 


Innovation marketing concerns all companies launching innovative products, but especially the field of new technologies, which by nature is in a situation of almost permanent innovation.


It allows companies to have in their possession a precise analysis of their positioning and the means to be implemented to differentiate themselves from their competition and take market share or commercialize their new products.

We support your project 

EuroBreath assist in the creation and management of the following capacities : 

  •  Website & SEO, 

  • Social networks, 

  • Content creation, 

  • Emailing & newsletter, 

  • SMS campaign, e-reputation,

  • Marketing Automation. 



Creativity and ingenuity to innovate other than through the product.

difference .png

Marketing differentiation: playing on the different variables of the marketing mix


Creating a product that is fundamentally and originally "remarkable": disruptive strategy, designing a product for and with its customers.

judo marketing .png

Use the Judo Marketing technique:

explain why the current methods

are no longer adapted 

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Three packages that meet your needs 

Standard Package

Turnkey operational marketing: 

  • website redesign

  • turnkey company strategy 

Operational marketing : 

  • website redesign 

  • company strategy 

  • Google Analytics tracking 

  • e-mailing campaign / month

  • installation of the CRM 

Innovation Marketing :


  • company's  backbone 

  • we reinvent with an innovation strategy 

Premium Package

Gold Package

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