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About us 

EuroBreath is a consulting and training company specializing in digital transformation, technology and engineering services.


We strive to address the full range of customer opportunities in transforming and managing their businesses by harnessing the power of technology.


EuroBreath is guided by the Green Deal movement to rethink our European economy, more inclusive, responsible and green.  

We address the full range of our clients' business needs, in terms of strategy and operations design, fueled by the innovative and rapidly evolving world of cloud, data, AI, connectivity, software, and digital engineering. 



April 2020 


EU vs Virus Participation 

June 2020 


 F6S EDI Participation

September 2020

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Date of Birth

June 2021


Join the coworking space "Le 30" Massy

February 2021

Starting activity

January 2021


Joining Saclay ecosystem

Our Goals

EuroBreath is a company that promotes projects with a societal and environmental impact using technology and new, more digital ways of working.

Corporate Philosophy

The company's values are driven with  solidarity, circular, inclusive economy and creation of added-values powered by IBAC's technologies.